Our Menu

Choose 6 dishes from the menu below, leaving us any special instructions to enhance your experience. 

We charge a small larder fee to supply bulk dry goods that we can't source from the farmers market, like grains, beans, and spices . This will offset the cost of groceries.

Our service fee is $295. Additional costs include groceries + larder fee, and $15 travel reimbursement and tax.  

Please submit your request by Friday 12 PM EST for next weeks' cooking visits. 

July 18. - July.25

Allergan Key: 

(GF) - Gluten Free  (DF) - Dairy Free  (V) - Vegetarian  (VG) - Vegan   (N) - Contains Nuts  (P) - Contains Peanuts  (SF) - Contains Fish/Shellfish  (S) - Contains Soy

*A Note on Cooking Responsibly

Menus are thoughtfully curated to use ingredients in their entirety, while recycling and composting when possible to reduce environmental impact. We strive to cook responsibly-grown & sourced ingredients that support a sustainable work environment for the employees and farmers who produce our food.

In the instance that a specific ingredient included in your menu is unavailable, we will consult you in advance and find a close approximate to substitute on its behalf. We appreciate your flexibility in advance.