Nutrition is not mathematical. It is emotional.

Massimo Bottura


Proper Meals is a private cooking service based out of Chicago, IL.

A 'proper meal' nourishes both body and spirit: it's eaten at the table, it's enjoyed with good company over a glass of wine, it's connecting with the natural world despite city living. It is storied food. But often our busy schedules keep us from eating this way.

Our goal with Proper Meals is to impact people's everyday relationship with food: from where it's sourced to how it's enjoyed, by making quality mealtime a part of your routine.

Sarah Angileri, Founder & Chef, is a brand strategist–turned–professional cook with an insatiable appetite for all things food & drink. She decided to pivot in her career when her colleagues wouldn't stop asking her what was for lunch today (maybe it was the mysterious silver bento box she brought to the office). 

Sarah studied nutrition and gastronomy within New York University's Food Studies department and has worked in editorial at Gourmet and Epicurious. She has trained at the lauded Ballymaloe Cookery School in Cork Co. Ireland, developing a passion for forgotten skills like butchery, fermentation, sourdough baking, and cheesemaking. Her mission is to cook (and eat) at the intersection between taste, nutrition, and sustainability.

Sarah has cooked in Tuscany at Villa Lena Agriturismo, in London at Little Duck - The Picklery, and in Chicago at Local Foods Cafe. She is always seeking to expand her knowledge of global cuisine.